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content development

In recent years, the arrival of content marketing has drastically changed the way businesses communicate with customers. Content marketing inherits the belief that if businesses deliver consistent, valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty. I have over 10 years of content development experience in a variety of industries including real estate, education, green technology, property management, landscape management and information services.

email marketing

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to reach your prospects and customers. With over 2.5 billion email users worldwide, email marketing offers an economical and universal way of creating personal experiences that speak to your recipients. I have over 10 years of email marketing experience and can assist businesses of all sizes in executing a successful email campaign.

social media

Today's consumers are learning to subconsciously ignore traditional marketing methods; making them less effective by the day. While the fall of traditional marketing poses a problem for business owners, a new, more effective outlet of communication has surfaced through social media. Businesses are now able to directly reach their consumers on a personal level, providing endless opportunity for meaningful interaction. I have over 9 years of social media management experience, and have built numerous social media campaigns from the ground up. I am also well versed in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter advertising.

seo (search engine optimization)

An effective SEO campaign can improve your company’s digital presence, drive website traffic and promote lead generation. SEO is essentially the language by which your website, and search engines communicate. SEO helps search engines understand your business, and in turn, search engines are able to match your business to relevant search terms and display your business in the best light possible. The creation of an SEO campaign consists of a website review, personalized recommendations, and the integration of SEO best practices.

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More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, and some 90% of those have purchased something, or contacted a company online in the last 12 months.


Companies without a professional web presence miss out on thousands of potential daily customers; and unlike most traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, a website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Put your company on the virtual map with my website services.



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